Rachel Tells Me Her Favourite Sex Stories In Naked Chat

I like spending time chatting to sexy women on my favourite naked chat site. I had clicked on the private button to chat to a sexy girl called Rachel. I had already got her totally nude and she was dancing naked for me beside the bed. It’s good to see nude women dancing and I thoroughly recommend it. Now Rachel was looking sexy naked, I wanted her to rub her naked body with oil to make it all shiny and slippery, and show off her bare breasts and cute bare ass. I told her to get out the oil and she reached for the clear plastic bottle and started to rub the oil into her naked body. Soon she did look all nice and oily, with her body and boobs glistening under the lights.

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Next I told Rachel to sit back and spread her legs wide so I could admire her naked pussy, which was completely shaved. I told her to start rubbing her pussy and make it wet, and asked her to tell me a sex story of what she would like me to do to her if I was there and we were going to have sex.

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“Well, first I would like you to start kissing my neck,” she said, “then kiss my breasts and play with my nipples. I like it when men play with my tits … then work your way down slowly to my pussy, which I would tell you to give a good licking … yes, you have to lick my pussy gooooooood! If you did it well, then I would unzip you and rub your cock, and hold it in my hands as it got hard … then if you were a good boy I would suck your cock for you and give you the best blow job you’ve ever had.” She said, still rubbing her naked pussy. It’s good to talk to a naked cam girl who likes sex just as much, if not more, than I do. I told Rachel to change sex position and lie down on her tummy and spread her legs a little. “This is my favourite sex position,” I told her, “I like fucking women from behind when they are lying down like that. I hope your pussy is wet?” I asked. Rachel looked quite happy there on the bed, and she had suck a beautiful figure in such good shape. She had very nice shapely legs and a nice curvy bum which was obviously kept in shape by a strenuous exercise routine. Her body was so beautiful, especially her naked back and long blond hair. “I am going to cum over your naked ass cheeks, stay like that,” I told her, chatting to naked web cam models can be such fun I thought to myself.

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Fit Model Wearing Bra and Panties Strips Naked

The nice thing about this naked webcams site, is that you can find really fit models that will strip naked for you. Most of the time they are just wearing bra and panties, but if you take them private, you can watch your favourite fit model stripping naked in front of you. I recently spotted Aniya, who is a very cute girl with a nice personality and sexy voice. The thing about Aniya was she worked out; she took care of her body and it really showed, as it was toned and curvy and very hot. I visited Aniya’s chatroom and watched this sexy brunette roll around on her bed. She was wearing sexy black lingerie, which set of her long brown hair very nicely, and long silver earrings and a silver watch.

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I started to chat to this sexy cam girl, and found out that she visited the gym for three hours every day. She said she liked going there to relax. She did have an amazing body. I needed to see a naked woman soon, as it’s good to get naked women time. She told me she liked doing aerobic work in the gym, and she also liked to do some weights. Luckily she had not made her figure too muscly, in fact it was just perfect. Even though she was a very hot model, Aniya told me that very few of the men at the gym tried to chat her up, because they were too busy focusing on their weight lifting. Too bad, I thought, they really need to get their priorities straight. Aniya’s sexy boobs were catching my attention, and her sexy bra and panties, nice though they were, needed to come off, as I only like chatting online to nude women.

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“You need to get naked,” I said to Aniya, as she lay back on the bed. I hit the private chat button and told Aniya to get up and dance, and strip naked for me. I like to watch a hot model dancing in her bra and panties so I can get a good view of her, and see the way that she moves. If she’s not wearing bra and panties, then seeing her dance in her bikini is also good; she’s going to be stripping naked soon anyway. Aniya was twisting around and around in a circle, looking great with her shapely legs, thigh high fishnet stockings and shiny black high heels. “Bra off young lady,” I said, and Aniya reached behind her back and unclipped her bra and casually threw it on the bed, revealing her big breasts, which looked very good, and very squeezable and comfy to rest your head on. She played with her titties for a while, rubbing her nipples which I could see were getting hard and pointy, pinching them and teasing them with her fingers. She bent towards me and showed me some nice cleavage, and then jiggled her big breasts, which was a lot of fun. It’s nice to see such a sexy girl which such a slim figure and big breats. Still, it’s always better to see hot models naked, and that’s why my next instruction was, “Very nice baby, now take your panties off!”, as I needed to see some naked ass and pussy, especially this particular hot ass that had been toned by hours at the gym.

Aniya pushed her hands down her hips and slid her panties down her sexy legs, revealing her shaved pussy. I told her to leave her panties where they were, half way down her thighs, and turn around and bend over, so I could have a good look at her ass. I find that naked models look very good when bending over, don’t you? I got Aniya to see if she could touch her toes, which she could, and I saw her long legs stretched nice and taut. Her pussy lips were nicely on show for me, and I liked that her pussy was nice and pink. I told her to spread her butt cheeks with both hands, and I got a nice view of her naked asshole. When you get a 20 year old hottie naked, you realise that they have very nice and tender ass cheeks, which are really amazing to fuck. “OK, panties right off now,” I said, and Aniya stepped out of her panties and was fully nude (well, apart from her stockings and high heels, which I wanted her to keep on).

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I told Aniya to dance naked for me, and she had on some very sexy stripper music that had a nice beat to it. I watched as she gyrated around and rubbed her ass. I told her to play with her tits and give herself a tit spanking, and count each time. “1, 2, 3, 4 ….” off she went, and her cute tits bounced around and her nipples got harder. “I think you need a naked spanking” I said, as I liked spanking naked women, so Aniya was instructed to lie face down on the bed and stretch out, pointing her arms and feet out as much as she could. “OK, spank your ass to 10 and count” I said, and off she went. “1, 2, 3, 4 …” I watched as her hand slapped her perfect ass cheeks, and they started to go a little red. “Now spread your legs apart wide, so I can see your pussy as you spank” I demanded. “5, 6, 7, 8 ….” she continued. “Now carry on to 20, I want to see a red ass,” I instructed. Aniya continued, and her cute ass got redder. “20!” she exclaimed, looking happy with herself. “OK, good girl, now get some oil out and rub your ass better,” I told her, as I can be nice sometimes. Aniya rubbed some oil into her naked butt and it got all shiny, which looked really hot. I was going to have a bit more fun with her now …

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Arielle Takes a Bath – The Joy of Seeing a Naked Woman in a Bath

It’s always nice to see a naked woman in a bath. Imagine then how pleased I was to see that a sexy model on my favourite webcam girls site had decided it was bathtime. Arielle was already in her hot bikini when I visited her chatroom. It was so good to see a hot babe in her own bathroom, about to get in the bath. Arielle had a very hot body and her ass was particularly nice; it was curvy and beautifully shaped, just the way I like it. Needless to say, Arielle made a very sexy bikini model, and her nice boobs were well supported by her bikini top, which was hot pink in colour and showed her hot body off nicely. Arielle was still wearing her sexy high heels which I like her to wear when I see her naked, but looked to be almost ready to get into the bath.

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“Hi Arielle, how are you today” I typed. “I’m just taking a bath on cam for the very first time,” she replied. “Hey, that’s great” I said, “please take off your heels so I can see your bare feet and get in”. With that, she unbuckled her high heels, which were white strappy sandals, and stepped into the bath. The bath was already about a third full with water, which must have been quite warm, as I could see steam rising gently. Arielle sat in the bath and began rubbing her long legs slowly up and down. This was very nice to watch. She then started playing with her breasts, pushing them together so I could see more cleavage. I must say I do like bathtime for a hot model, but I wanted to see her naked body.

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“Is it time for that bikini to come off?” I asked. Arielle gave me a smile and continued rubbing her breasts. “I think it is.” I said, and I pushed the “Start Private Show” button. “Hi Arielle, it’s nice to see you in private, so this is your first bath on webcam?” I asked, “Yes it is”, she replied, “I’ve never tried it before”. I was going to be the first to see this sexy model naked in a bath on webcam. Excellent. “OK, take the bikini off,” and I watched as she untied her bikini top and lifted it off, revealing her ample naked breasts. “Now get into doggy position and take down your panties,” I told her, and Arielle duly obliged, peeling them down to reveal her hot ass glistening in the wet, and her naked pussy. Arielle sat back down and tugged off her panties, so she was now completely naked for me, and reached over for the bubble bath, squirting a generous quantity into the bath. She started to splash the water to create more bubbles, which were multiplying quickly, and scooped up a large handful which she put on her boobs, creating a bubble bath bra. “Very sexy,” I said, “now rub it off, I prefer to see you naked.”

I had a lot of ideas of what I wanted to get Arielle to do for me. I wanted to see a naked woman masturbating in the bath, so I was definitely going to ask her to play with her pussy. The bath had a shower head too, so I was definitely going to get her to wash her boobs with the show, and spray water over them and rub her nipples to turn herself on. Then of course I wanted to see her turn around, so I could see her cute naked ass, which would probably be a little red from the hot bath, and get her to spray water over it, so I could see it gleam in the wet. Lastly, I wanted to see some pussy play with the shower head, so I would get her to spread her legs wide and masturbate with the warm water from the shower, and ask her to spread her pussy for me. What would you do? Some of the girls on this naked webcam site have baths and will be more than happy to take one for you, so it’s easy for you to see naked women in the bath.

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Stephany Given a Firm but Fair Naked Spanking

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I had warned my new girlfriend Stephany about spending too much of my money on expensive new clothes.  However, like many young women, she did not seem able to control herself very well when it came to sexy lingerie, high heels and nice dresses.  I had made the mistake of giving her a fair amount of money, and telling her to make sure she was careful with this money and did not spend it all at once, but used it to buy sexy lingerie each week for the next two months.  With hindsight I should have known this was not going to work, but as they say, hindsight is a fine thing.  So anyway, when she got back late one Saturday afternoon and I asked her what she had bought, I was surprised to hear of so many items.

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“Well, I bought some very sexy black lace lingerie, with stockings and a suspender belt, and a new black silk housecoat to go with it,” she said, “oh, and some nice strappy black heels too … then I saw some really nice hot pink lingerie and it was in the sale, so I had to buy it.  Then I saw some really great dresses, and I had to have them … oh, and another pair of heels, some nude pumps, I needed a new pair”.

“So how much of the money I gave you do you have left?” I asked.

“Ermmmmm … well ……… sorry ……. I spent it all” she confessed.

Well, as you can imagine, I was not best pleased about this.  However, I couldn’t get too mad, because at least she had bought some sexy outfits.  The solution was pretty obvious too …

“Well, you’ve not done what I told you to do, so I’m not best pleased.  Put on the sexiest outfit you bought, then come and see me”.  It took about ten minutes for Stephany to return, and she had on a short white dress, and the nude pumps she mentioned.  She looked very good.  The dress was figure hugging and showed off her shapely breasts and hot ass.   “So, you’ve been naughty and haven’t followed the instructions I gave you.  What should I do with you?”  Stephany looked at me but did not give me an answer.  “Okay, I’ll give you two choices.  Either I stop your clothing allowance, or you strip for me and get a naked spanking. What will it be?”  I could see Stephany weighing up the options, but I knew she liked being spanked, so I felt fairly confident of what her choice would be.  “OK, I’ll take the naked spanking”.

“Good choice,” I said, “Now, clothes off young lady”.  Stephany stepped out of her new shoes, unzipped her dress and carefully stepped out of it.  It was a new dress and she obviously wanted to take care of it, as she took care to lie it neatly over a chair.  She was now down to her hot pink lingerie, and I liked what I saw, but I wanted her fully naked.  “Right, bra off, and show me your titties”, I said.  Stephany duly obliged and I had a good look at her naked breasts, and then stepped behind her and started rubbing her nipples, which were already hard.  “These are nice” I commented, “too bad you’ve been such a bad girl, as I could have rubbed your tits for longer”.  I tugged her panties down and told her to step out of them.  Her sexy body was now totally nude, apart from the gold necklace she was wearing.  I told her to put her heels back on, and watched as she bent over to do this.  What a nice ass.  However, it needed a spanking to set things straight.  “Right, bend over the table there and spread your legs apart … wide apart, that’s it”.  She spread her legs wide so that her tight shaved pussy was on display for me.  I could tell her pussy was excited and I stepped up to her bare bottom.  As I didn’t have a paddle, I just used my hand, and I told her to count out loud as my hand fell onto her naked butt cheeks.  “1, 2, 3 … ow … 4, 5, 6 … ouch … 7, 8, 9 … ahh … 10 … ooh”.  Her ass was going a nice bright red colour.  “Bend down further I said, press your boobs on to the table … that’s it … now, this time we’ll continue up to 20, and you need to count and say sorry Sir, each time, got that?”  I asked.  “Yes Sir” she replied.  “Good, so we understand each other now” I said as I resumed my vigorous spanking of this naked young lady.  “11, sorry Sir …. 12, sorry Sir ….” I loved the sound of my hand slapping against her pert ass.  “13, sorry Sir …. 14, sorry Sir” Her ass was getting redder and redder, and began to take on a similar colour to the hot pink lingerie she was wearing just a few minutes ago before I told her to strip nude. “15, sorry Sir … ow …. 16, sorry Sir, 17, sorry Sir … ouch … 18 sorry Sir, 19 sorry Sir … ow … 20 sorry Sir.”  Her cute ass had now gone a bright shade of red.  It was good to see a hot naked woman bent over a table with her ass reddened.  Nude spankings are definitely a good way to communicate to young ladies how they should behave.  Mind you, I could see that her pussy had got wet too.  “Now, you won’t do that again will you young lady?” I asked, “No Sir” replied Stephany, rubbing her red bottom.  “Good, so we understand each other”.

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Nicole is a Sexy Girl that Strips Naked on Webcam

I met Nicole on my favourite nude chat site, and she is quite something.  Nicole is definitely one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen, and I could not believe my luck when I found her on this website, willing to strip completely nude for money.  Just 20 years old, Nicole was a sexy brunette with long straight hair brushed nicely to one side.  She had a nice smile which was accentuated with bright red lipstick and her heavy eyeshadow gave her a sultry and very sexy look.  This day she had chosen a cute black crop top which just covered her pert boobs, leaving her sexy flat stomach and womanly hips on show.  Cute black tanga panties and thigh high black stockings completed her look, along with very high and sexy stripper heels.

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Nicole knew she was a hot girl.  She even had a mirror in her chatroom so she could watch herself dance and strip, and turn herself on.  I chatted with Nicole and she was a nice girl, but like I said, she knew she was a hottie, so she was aware of the power she had over men.  I definitely wanted to see her topless, and then get her naked completely to see her naked pussy.  It was nice to chat to a woman who I could easily ask to get naked for me, and I could not wait long before I hit the magic “private” button, and told hot Nicole to strip naked.

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I told Nicole to dance and strip for me.  She was a good dancer and moved in a very sexy and sensual way.  It wasn’t long before she was dancing topless, and her bare breasts were on show just for me.  I told her firmly to take her panties down and keep dancing naked, I let her keep her stockings on because I’m nice like that.  I really liked her boobs and told her to get her body oil and rub it into them.  Soon I had this hot naked girl glistening with lotion, making her sexy body look amazing.  Then I told her to turn around, and bend over, leaning against the wall to show me her ass and pussy.  Her naked bottom was a really nice shape and she looked great with her shaved pussy on show.  “Now rub some oil into your ass” I said, and soon enough, I had a hot girl naked and oiled up just for me.  It was time for a naked spanking so I gave hot Nicole the instruction.  “Now spank your ass” I typed, and this naked lady duly obliged.  It was great to watch this naked spanking and the sound of her spanking her firm ass was very pleasing.  You know, you really should try this for yourself soon, and these hot models are all waiting to get naked for you; believe me, these sexy 20 year old webcam girls are very happy to go nude.

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