Sexy Model Does Naked Exercises and Shows Her Pussy

So I was browsing my favourite naked model chat site, when I spotted a very sexy Italian model called Angelica. I watched her for a bit in her chatroom, and this young woman was already half naked, as she had somehow lost her bra and was covering her boobs with one arm. However, every now and then I caught a flash of her naked boobs, which was very nice. Angelica pushed a cushion in to her bare boobs so I couldn’t see them and then showed me her ass (unfortunately she was still wearing panties). Then she leaned forward away from cam so she was on all fours, and started doing leg exercises, lifting her legs high into the air up above her ass. No wonder her legs were so well toned.

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Then she slid off the side of the bed, leaving her feet on the bed, and started doing push ups. Unfortunately, though her naked breasts must have been dangling down in a sexy way, she had made sure that her boobs were off cam, so all I could see was her naked back moving up and down. This girl must be really fit, as she was doing a lot of press ups, and pretty fast too! I guess she wanted to keep her hot body in the fine shape it was in, and to keep on looking good naked.

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It was nice watching her doing exercises half naked, and she was very energetic about it all, but it wasn’t really enough for me. I like to see hot girls naked, especially when they are doing exercises. Watching her flash her boobs had made me excited, and I wanted to see her tight pussy, and find out whether it was a shaved pussy or whether she had a landing strip. I clicked the button to go private with this sexy model, and told her to get naked for me; I tend not to waste time in private, I just say “Clothes off, young lady” and they strip naked for me, that’s the way I like it. However, you do need to know that the girl is OK with firm instructions, and it is best to check with the girl first that firm instruction is OK, as some don’t like this, whereas others are fine with it. Some girls like it when a man takes control, as it gets them horny when they are given instructions to strip off and show off their nude bodies. Maybe they sometimes feel a little embarrassed having to show off their titties and bare bottoms, but most of the time I expect they find it a real turn on.

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So, once Angelica was naked, I just told her to keep going with the exercises. She obliged most enthusiastically. She was on all fours, and doing a leg raising exercise whereby she kicked her leg out and up into the air behind her; I think it’s called a kneeling leg lift. Anyway, it gave me a nice view of her cute ass as she did it, and I liked watching her boobs dangle down and jiggle around as she first raised her right leg a few times, then did the same with her left leg. “Very good,” I said, “that’s it, keep going, good girl.” I watched a bit longer as this fit model raised her lovely toned legs behind her. I was enjoying this and told her to start counting each one out loud.

Then I told her to start doing naked press ups. She had such a hot athletic body that was also very feminine, so it was fun to see her do them. Again she did them off the side of the bed, but this time her whole body was in view, so not only could I see her naked back, but also her curved butt cheeks and long legs, and her sexy boobs too. She obviously kept fit, because she wasn’t finding the press ups hard at all, and was doing them very quickly. I watched intently as this fit young model’s naked ass bobbed up and down, and what a sight it was. She had such beautiful ass cheeks, so nicely rounded and firm. Watching her ass rise and fall as she worked out was such a wonderful sight, it really turned me on.

Next I asked her to stop doing the naked press-ups, and to stand up and turn around, so that her bare ass was shown directly to camera. “Now bend over and reach for your toes,” I said, and I watched as she stretched down. “Very good,” I said, “now reach for your left foot with your right hand, then reach for your right foot with your left hand, keep your arms straight, and repeat this 20 times.” It was fun to watch as she swung her arms down to each side, and I got a nice view of her hot long legs.

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The last thing I asked her to do was to lie back on the bed and show me how wide she could spread her legs. A lot of the models are good at this, and Angelica was no exception. It was nice to watch this sexy model spread wide for me, showing off her beautiful legs. Then I got her to spread her pussy open. I won’t say what I did next, but you really should try this kind of thing for yourself, as you can then ask for any special naked exercises you want to see. Seeing a hot girl exercise naked is definitely a good experience. If you ask nicely, a web cam girl will usually do her best to perform your favourite sexual fantasies for you. If you are a dom and like to tell hot girls firmly to strip naked for you and do naked exercises, and perhaps get them to spank their bare asses until they are red, then it’s best to ask the cam girl whether she enjoys being submissive beforehand, as some do and some don’t. If she says she is a submissive, then she will enjoy being ordered around, and being told to take off her clothes and spread her legs, and you should both have a pleasurable sex chat experience. However, don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself.

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Sexy Girl MayaHeaven Gets Naked and Shows Me Her Ass

There are lots of sexy women on LiveJasmin, that is for sure. One of them is a lovely girl called MayaHeaven, who has a very beautiful athletic body, gorgeous olive skin, long brown slightly wavy hair, and deep brown eyes. MayaHeaven is a very playful and lively girl, and she likes to entertain the members in her chatroom. She also has very good taste in lingerie. For instance, if you visit LiveJasmin, search for MayaHeaven and take a look at her free pics, you will see her looking great in a set of lacy black lingerie, complete with suspender belt and sheer black stockings with lace tops. MayaHeaven’s deep brown eyes have a mesmeric effect on me, and she has a very deep and sensual vibe about her. Maya also looks great in white lingerie, as it sets off her lovely olive complexion really nicely.

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When I visited MayaHeaven in her chatroom, she was wearing some very nice black lingerie, which looked as though it was bondage inspired as it was very strappy. It had some extra straps that went around her cute waist, across her ass cheeks and around the top of her thighs. The bra had a very strappy bondage-like design too, and looked very kinky. Whilst I liked this sexy lingeie, I wanted to see Maya strip naked for me and show me her cute ass. In general, I prefer nude women to ones wearing lingerie, even if it is very nice lingerie like this. MayaHeaven is a very good dancer and has recently had a stripper pole installed in her room. This is a very nice addition, as it is always nice to watch hot girls dance and strip off whilst dancing around a pole. Not that many of the LiveJasmin girls have stripper poles, I would like to see more of them really. My only issue with this one is that it is right at the back of the room, and I would prefer the cam to be closer so that I can see MayaHeaven’s hot body better. I chatted to this sexy model a bit in free chat, and told her how much I liked her lingerie today. I also said to her that she turns me on a lot and that I wanted to see her topless, and then see her take her panties down for me and show me her ass and pussy. That is the great thing about the internet; there are now some of Europe’s hottest girls ready and willing to give you a great webcam sex experience. All you have to do is click the button to go private with the model and ask her to perform for you.

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So, after watching MayaHeaven in free chat for a bit, where she did a bit of sexy dancing and then rolled about on the bed, I clicked the button to go private. “Hi Maya,” I said, “you look nice today. Please put on some good stripping music and dance round your stripper pole”. Maya flashed me a big smile, put on some upbeat music, and got up from the bed, so I could see her toned body. I like to see sexy women dance for me, especially when they are wearing high heels. I like a woman to take her bra off first, and watch her dance topless, so that I can see her boobs bounce up and down. It’s nice seeing young women topless, because their breasts are so pert and nicely shaped. Maya had reached the stripper pole in the corner of the room and was spinning around the pole in her heels. Every now and again she would drop down and bounce up again. Maya has very nice long legs and she looked really good winding around the pole in a sexy fashion. I could not wait for her to start stripping. Maya now had her back to me and was running her right hand up and down her body. Then she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra strap, cupping her bra in her hands for a moment, and then throwing the bra on to the bed. Initially, all I could see was her bare back, but she did look good standing there in her black panties and stockings. “Turn around please Maya” I typed, as I wanted to see this girl topless on webcam. MayaHeaven turned around to reveal her beautiful titties, and I liked what I saw. “Put your hands on your head and dance for me”, I said, and I watched as she put her arms up and placed her hands gently on her head and swayed sexily from side to side, with her tits on show. Hot girls dancing topless makes for pretty good entertainment I find. Maya was now twirling round her pole and putting on a great show, as she can move in a very sexy way. However, it was time to get her to take down her panties.

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“OK, now come close to cam, beside the bed,” I said, and Maya stepped gingerly down from the stripper pole and came over to the bed. “Now turn around young lady,” I said, and show me your ass. Maya turned around and stroked her ass. It was a very sexy ass, and it looked great in her black panties, she obviously kept herself in good shape, it must be all the exercise she gets from dancing and stripping. “Now, remove your panties slowly young lady”, I told her, and I watched as Maya slowly slid down her panties, with her nice manicured hands sliding over her hips and down her thighs. A very shapely and firm ass was revealed to me, and I started to get very turned on. I guess I prefer submissive girls, but I think MayaHeaven is a switch if memory serves correctly, she likes being both submissive and dominant. Anyway, I told her to bend over and grab her ankles, and hold that position for 20 seconds, so I could get a good view of her ass and pussy. Bent over naked with their hands on their ankles is one of my favourite positions for hot babes like Maya. Normally I wouldn’t find it easy to see hot babes like this, but webcam sex sites make it easy for me (and you) to live out your favourite sex fantasies with hot models that are eager to please you. I left Maya bent over with her pussy on show for a few more seconds, as I liked seeing her like this. Her long hair was dangling down and I could see her face getting a little red. “Now spank your ass,” I said, “I want to see you make your ass red, let’s see you give yourself a good spanking”. Maya started spanking her toned ass, and I enjoyed the sound of her hand slapping on her butt cheeks, and her cheeks rippling with every spank. This is how I like to see hot girls; stripped naked and spanking themselves for my pleasure. Mind you, I think Maya was starting to enjoy it too, as she was moaning a bit each time she spanked herself. Her butt cheeks had now become nicely red, and I must say, I always like to see a woman with a red ass from a good spanking.

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“Now lie on your back and show me how wide you can spread your legs,” I said to Maya. She was still wearing her heels, and I like watching women spread when they are naked and wearing heels. “Keep your legs as straight as possible when you spread wide,” I said. Maya lay back on the bed looking very good in the nude, and then bought her legs up straight in the air, so that I could see her ass nicely. Then she slowly started to spread for me, parting her legs gradually and taking her time, teasing me a little bit. “Wide,” I said, “Spread wide for me”, and Maya did just that, it did not seem to be too much trouble for her, as she obviously did this a lot and was as well trained as a gymnast. “Now spread your pussy for me,” I said, and Maya parted her pussy lips and showed me her pink pussy, which was nice. “Now rub your pussy and have some fun like a good girl,” I told her, and Maya started rubbing her clit with her legs still spread nice and wide. I let her rub her pussy for a minute, and could see that she was getting horny and enjoying herself. It’s rude to interrupt a woman once they have started rubbing their pussy properly, so I just let her continue on for a while, and admired her long legs, toned stomach and beautiful hair that was spread out over the bed. Maya was definitely beginning to enjoy herself and I expect her pussy was beginning to get wet. She was beginning to moan a little bit, and had started rubbing her clit faster. What I liked is that she had kept her long legs spread quite wide, so I was getting a very good view of her nice pussy, plus of course I could see her hot boobs, and that her nipples were now hard with all the pussy play she was doing. “Does that feel good?” I asked MayaHeaven, “Oh yes,” she replied. I was going to let her play with her pussy for a bit longer, and then get her to finger herself, as perhaps she could find her G-Spot and really turn herself on for me. I was now very turned on myself and had taken my clothes off, and was pleasuring my hard cock over this hot naked model spread before me. Maya was so hot that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came over her pussy. Normally I like to cum over a girl’s tits, but today I would cum over her pussy and tummy. I am so glad that the webcam was invented so that I can get girls naked for me in this way. It’s so easy, you should really give it a try yourself. If you want to see the girl I am talking about, then just go to Live Jasmin and search for MayaHeaven. This girl is always very cheerful, and I’m sure that she will make you very happy, and fulfil your favourite sex stories and fantasies too.

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Naked Girl Spanking via Nude Webcam Chat

I found a sexy girl in her 20s on this webcam girls site, and asked her if she liked being spanked. This model had long black hair, which I guess qualifies as a brunette, and was wearing a metallic gold top with a black bra underneath, sexy black panties, a black suspender belt, black stockings and shiny black high heels.

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She had a very nice curvy figure with full breasts, and a nice shapely ass. As ever, I always ask the model if she likes receiving a naked spanking, and I was pleased to hear that this model said that she does; most of them do like being spanked on their naked asses.

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So, I clicked the button for private naked webcam chat with this model, and told her to take her clothes off, get fully nude, and to lie on the bed on her front, and stretch her arms out straight in front of her, and keep her legs together and straight. She looked nice lying stretched out like that on the bed, with her bare ass on show for me to enjoy. Now, this being a webcam model, I have to get the girl to spank herself, which I enjoy, because I don’t have to make any effort whilst this sexy girl spanks herself. What I like to do is tell them to count out loud as they spank their ass, and I usually ask them to count up to 20, so that their ass gets nice and red by the end of it. So, that’s what I did with this naked brunette, and I watched and listened to the nice sound of her hand smacking her naked butt, and her sweet and sexy voice counting out one, two, three, four … I was enjoying it so much I had to tell her to slow down a bit, and to raise her hand higher above her ass, so that each spanking was more dramatic. If you like spanking, as a lot of people do, then I recommend a trip to this webcamming site to find some sexy models that are into it too.

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You can find models on LiveJasmin that have very sexy figures, and these girls look fabulous naked, they are some of the best nude women that the internet has to offer, and they are ready to perform for you live. A lot of the models love a spanking session, but as I said, you can check that they are into it by asking them in free chat first before you take them private. If you want to be nice, you can ask them what spanking position they prefer, whether it’s standing up in heels, in the doggy position on the bed, or lying out straight on their front. Alternatively, if you get off on commanding a naked woman around and being a dom, then it’s best to explain that this is what you want in free chat first, and check that the model likes it. It is true that some girls like to be dominated and given strict orders that they must obey, but equally, some won’t like this and will not want to play along, so if you want to be dom and get them to be your submissive girl, then check they are happy to do this before you begin your private session so that you will get what you want for your money. Once they have told you they like playing the role of submissive girl, then you can take control and be dominant, and just order them to get into the position you want for them.

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One nice spanking position for the webcam girls is their head down on the bed and their cute ass raised in the air. You get a good view of their pussy in this position, making the spanking session more satisfying for you. Once you’ve decided on the best position, all you have to do is enjoy the show, and listen to the nice sound of her hand spanking her hot ass cheeks. If you are feeling nice, once she has done enough spanking, you can ask her to turn over and spread her legs wide. If you think she still needs some correction, you can tell her to put her legs up straight in the air and hold her position until you are satisfied, or if you are feeling generous, you can let her keep her legs down and tell her to rub her clit gently, until she starts to feel wet, and let her continue to play with her pussy until she reaches orgasm.

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Free Sex Stories about Spanking Naked Women

This is a free sex story for men that like spanking naked women. Well, I say that, but actually it’s more of a discussion of how you can enjoy spanking some of the world’s hottest naked models from the comfort of your own home. You see, thanks to web cam sex sites like LiveJasmin, it’s very easy to find a hot woman who enjoys being spanked, and then administer a hot naked spanking to the girl, which she will be very grateful for.

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It might be true that you need to use your imagination a little bit, as the naked girl is spanking herself, but it’s very nearly as good as the real thing. The first thing that you need to do is:

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To do this is very straightforward, you just need to ask her some questions in free chat before you go private to see the girl stripping live on webcam and showing you her cute naked ass. It helps to ask the model these questions so that you both enjoy your naked web cam sex session. Below I give the questions, with some sample answers from webcam girls I have spoken to on LiveJasmin. Most of the girls I have asked say they enjoy being spanked when naked and having their bare asses turned red. So, here are the questions, and remember, you can try all this out for yourself in private chat.

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So, the sample questions and answers are:

Do you enjoy being spanked?

Yes I like it.

When being spanked, do you prefer to keep your panties on or be fully nude?

Either. Panties on is fun sometimes, but a fully nude spanking is always hot too.

When being spanked, do you prefer your stockings on or bare legs?

Stockings on. It makes me feel sexy.

When being spanked on the ass, do you prefer bra on or naked breasts on display?

Naked. I prefer to be topless for a spanking.

When spanking, do you like it if I take a break and feel your nipples?

Yes, that is nice.

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How many spanks should I do before I take a break and feel your nipples?

20 or as many as you like.

When being spanked, do you prefer wearing high heels or bare feet?

High Heels on is best for a spanking.

Do you prefer to be spanked in doggy position, when standing or bent over a desk?

Bent over a desk is the most exciting, but I also like doggy position.

Do you prefer being spanked hard or softly?

Both, but it depends on my mood.

Do you like being spanked hard sometimes?

Yes, but only when I want it.

How hard do you prefer to be spanked?

I like gentle and rough spanking, like I said, it depends on my mood.

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Do you like it when your ass turns red from a spanking?


Does seeing your ass turn red turn you on?


When being spanked over a desk, do you find it hotter if your hands are tied to the desk?

Yes I do, I like being tied up.

After being spanked, do you like your naked ass rubbed gently and some soothing lotion to be rubbed into it?

Oh yes, rubbing my naked ass with oil or lotion makes me feel better and very horny.

So, there we go guys, we hope you liked our article on spanking questions for webcam girls. Don’t forget that it’s fun to try these questions out for yourself, and most of the webcam models are happy to be spanked when naked for you in private.

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Sexy Model in Black Lingerie Takes Down Her Panties

Hello naked women fans. I am sorry that this blog has not been updated recently but I have been too busy watching hot girls strip naked for me on their webcams. If you:

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you will see that it’s a fun hobby. Even if you don’t have the money to ask pretty women to get naked for you, you can still chat to these beautiful women in free chat as much as you like, where you will be able to admire their hot asses and nice boobs. Take a girl private though and you can request they take their panties and bra off and show you their pussy. This morning I chatted to a sexy model called Gabrielle, who was wearing some very nice black lace lingerie, and black stockings. I had a quick chat with her, then decided I wanted to see her pussy, so I clicked the private button and told her to show me her doggy position and take down her panties. She quickly obliged and I must say her naked ass looked very nice and she had a nice pussy. If you like naked girls, you really should try it too.

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