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There’s a new cutie to play with at Live Jasmin, and her name is IvyGreenEyesX. This new camgirl is a redhead with very nice legs, and very nice small tits. There are no prizes for guessing her eye colour though. The 20 year old hottie will initially be online just on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, as she is still a student at the moment.

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Andy had recently discovered the delights of watching camgirls strip off in private for him at sites such as Live Jasmin, Chaturbate and Bonga Cams.  It was the early afternoon, Andy had the day off work, and was bored at home alone. He had always loved women, but right now didn’t have a girlfriend, and was missing female company.  He wished he had more time to go dating, but he couldn’t fit it in to his busy schedule.  He wasn’t even sure if he wanted a girlfriend at the moment as he had to work so much.  This was why he was so pleased to find sites like Live Jasmin, as he knew he could always find hot models that loved to get horny on cam and strip off for him.  Andy had found that seeing a hot camgirl take her bra and panties off just for him really did give him some fun cam sex and he felt so much better for it.  He also found the model rates at sites like Live Jasmin very reasonable.  For just a few dollars a minute he could play with some really hot babes and watch them masturbate.  It was certainly good value for money, and much better than trying to pick up a girlfriend in a bar.  Andy didn’t find going out to bars an effective way to meet women anyway, and he would much rather spend his money on getting a hot model naked than spend it on beer.  With a cam sex site he knew he was going to get what he wanted, and see a naked woman, whereas the same could never be said of trying to pick up a girl in a bar.  Andy was sick of reading about dating gurus and pick up techniques which didn’t work for him, all he wanted was some convenient female attention with a nice naked babe.

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So it was that Andy decided to make his day a little more exciting, by visiting his favourite cam sex site Live Jasmin.  Whilst he also enjoyed other camgirl sites such as Chaturbate and BongaCams, Andy found the models on this site to be some of the sexiest camgirls, and the most fun to play with.  Andy took a look to see what models were online.  As he had been a member of the site for a while now, he had added many of the models to his favourites, and now had his own online harem of sexy girls to strip for him whenever he felt like it.  There were usually a number of his favourites online, and today was no exception.  One of his favourite Live Jasmin models was NinaCrystal, a tall brunette camgirl from Europe, with a lovely figure and shapely ass.  Andy was very pleased to see that this particular camgirl was online.  He clicked into her sex chat room and Nina was lying on a white leather day bed wearing a royal blue shirt, a black thong and black high heels.  Her heels were especially sexy, being an open sandal with a 4 inch stiletto heel.  Within a few seconds Andy could tell that Nina was feeling horny, in a kind of lazy Saturday afternoon way, as she was lying back with one hand on her pussy, and the other hand rubbing up and down the side of her body.  Being careful not to give a free glimpse of her pussy in free chat, Nina slid her panties down her legs until they fell around her pretty ankles.  Then she moved one leg up so that the pantie elastic was stretched tight between her legs.  Andy admired Nina’s long bare legs and caught a very quick glimpse of her shaved pussy as she moved her legs.  Sadly though, she reached down and pulled her black thong back up, although Andy still got a nice view of her bare ass cheeks.

Nina had been holding her legs together, but then she let them fall apart, giving a nice view of the inner thighs of her long and shapely legs.  Nina’s panties had a cute heart cut-out in the front, just above her clit, and she was clearly feeling horny today as she had pushed her hand into this hole and was gently rubbing her pussy.  Then she pulled up both legs into the air, giving a great view of her nice ass and the back of her thong.  Andy really liked Nina’s long brown hair and she had a very pretty face too.  He also really liked the black heels she was wearing today; they were very shapely and contrasted nicely against the pink skin of her feet.  Nina was gently caressing her long legs, lying on her side with legs nicely spread open.  She was obviously very flexible, and with her leg in the air Andy got a very good view of her body.  He was getting very horny and knew that he wanted this hot model to strip naked for him and show him her naked boobs and ass.  He was keen to see Nina take that pretty blue shirt off for him and show him her breasts properly.

Andy bought some credit; it wasn’t much to spend to see this hot girl naked, much less than he would spend on a typical night out.  He clicked the button to start private chat and heard the distinctive hooter sound indicating that his private web sex session had started.  “Hi Nina” typed Andy, “you look nice today”.  Nina waved back and blew him a kiss.  “Are you horny today?” asked Andy.

“Yes,” replied Nina.

“That’s good, because I would like to see your tits” typed Andy.

Nina smiled and pulled open the low cut blue top she was wearing, to reveal a perfect pair of natural tits, which she began to caress gently.  Andy liked what he saw, and thought what nice perky nipples Nina had too.  Nina pulled down her top so that it clung around her waist and she was topless; her boobs were such a nice shape, no man could ask for anything more.

“OK, please take that top right off now,” said Andy, and Nina did as requested, pulling it down her long legs and over her black heels so that she was just in her pretty black thong.   Nina knelt in her thong panties with her ass to the camera, and Andy admired her beautiful naked back with her brown shoulder-length hair flowing down it.  Nina was also blessed with a very cute ass which was very toned and rounded, big but not too big, and Andy’s favourite type of ass.  Nina was a tall girl and she had a very toned athletic figure, with curvy and perky boobs, and that nice cheeky ass.  She pulled the blue top down over her bottom, down her long bare legs and over her black high heels, and returned to her kneeling position with her back to the camera.

“Panties off young lady”, said Andy, and Nina reached down and tugged at the sides of her thong, pulling it down over the curves of her ass, then kneeling forward and kicking her feet in a cute fashion as her panties fell about her knees.  Nina sat back and pulled her panties off over her high heels, then twirled them round her finger and threw them at the camera.  Now she was completely naked except for her heels, which Andy preferred her to keep on, as he found naked women in heels much sexier.  Andy told Nina to get into the doggy position.  He tried to be polite with camgirls, but once they were naked he found himself getting rather excited and started to be a bit more demanding.  Nina bent over and showed her cute ass to the camera, giving a nice view of her pussy and asshole.  She looked back over her shoulder to the cam and seemed to be enjoying baring all to the camera.  Andy was getting very turned on and asked her to put her head down and spread her ass cheeks with her hands, which she did nicely to give an excellent view of her most intimate parts.  Nina’s pussy lips were swollen and she was obviously very turned on.  She stretched her ass cheeks nice and wide and her little asshole and pussy hole opened up.   Nina rubbed a hand up and down her shaved pussy.  Andy thought what nice athletic butt cheeks and thighs Nina had as she pushed up on to all fours in the doggy position and waved her hot ass from side to side.    This girl’s whole body was perfectly toned, and she also had flawless skin which was so beautifully smooth.

Andy thought it only fair to let this camgirl play with her pussy properly, so he asked her to lie on her back, spread her legs wide and rub her pussy.  Nina arranged some cushions on the back of the white leather day bed she was lying on, lay back and spread her legs.  Andy loved to see a hot model naked in heels like this, with boobs and pussy on full display.  She began to rub her spread shaved pussy with her middle fingers in circles and gyrated her hips, her mouth opening in silent moans.  Then she pushed her finger deep inside her wet pussy, moving it up and down with a look of ecstasy on her face.  Andy liked the view he had of this brunette model with her long legs spread open wide, and with her pink pussy and asshole in view of the camera; he liked the contrast between her black high heels and her naked white legs.  Nina started to rub her shaved pussy harder, in strokes up and down, and giving her clit a lot of attention.  Andy was now thinking how much he’d like to eat that pussy.  Nina was clearly enjoying her early afternoon masturbation session, and kept up the rhythmic pussy rubbing, thrusting her pelvis up and down as she did so.   Then she switched to rubbing in circles, and Andy would keep getting pink flashes of her inner pussy as she did so.  Nina took a moment to rearrange the cushions she was leaning on, and now lay down flat on the bed in a position more suitable for sex.  She zoomed her web cam out so Andy got a wider view, and her long nude legs made an M shape on the screen, with her beautiful face peeking through the middle.

Nina was getting very horny and was pushing two fingers deep into her wet pussy and thrusting her pelvis into the air.   As she stroked her pussy up and down she bit her bottom lip and stared intently into the camera.  Andy could tell she was really enjoying  herself from the intense expression she had on her face.  Then she brought her legs together and lifted them straight into the air, giving Andy a nice view of her excited pussy, the back of her long legs, and her lovely ass.   However, Andy wanted to see this sexy camgirl in the doggy position again, so he made his request and Nina quickly turned over and showed her hot ass to cam, spreading her legs apart to give a great view of her spread pussy and asshole, then rubbing her pussy up and down again.  She turned slightly towards the web cam so that Andy could see her from the side with her shapely breasts and nice pink nipples pointing down.

Andy was a generous lover, but he liked to make camgirls work hard for their money, and he wasn’t going to let Nina cum hard on cam just yet.  Instead he wanted to see this hot brunette dance naked in heels just for him, so that is the instruction he gave her.   She dutifully obeyed, and backed off the day bed, holding her web cam controller in one hand and running her other hand through her long brown hair.  Andy could now see what a hot body this camgirl really had, as she gyrated her hips from side to side and showed off her naked ass to him.  Nina threw the cam controller back onto the bed so that she could run both hands up the side of her naked body and play with her tits.  Andy loved what he saw as this hot model put her hands on her head and gave him a great view of her naked boobs and shaved pussy, all the time dancing sexily to the music.  On the wall was a large mirror, and Nina turned towards it and watched herself dance naked, her pert naked bottom and long legs nicely on display.  Beneath the mirror was a radiator, and Nina rested a knee on it and lifted up her foot so that Andy got a nice view of her heels.  This girl really did have cute feet thought Andy, in fact cute everything; face, hair, boots, pussy, ass and legs, Nina really did have it all.  As she turned back to cam, Andy got another good view of her shaved pussy, with the lack of pubic hair meaning he could see all her pussy slit.  Nina now placed a foot on the radiator, giving a great view of her legs and heels, and spreading her butt cheeks open a bit to show her pussy lips from behind.

Andy could see that his credit was running low, so for his final request he asked Nina to stand close to the cam and give him a good view of her butt cheeks.   Nina walked up whilst caressing her breasts, and turned to give a close up view of her naked ass.  Then she began to spank her naked ass cheeks, giving a very pleasant slapping noise as her hand contacted her perfect ass cheeks.  Andy knew that most girls like a spanking as long as it is not too hard, and he watched intently as Nina continued to spank her bottom and make her ass cheeks bounce.  Nina gave her ass a good slap, and then squeezed her ass cheeks so that Andy got a pussy and asshole flash.  Her cute ass had gone slightly red, so Nina reached for her oil and started rubbing it in to her ass cheeks, making them go all nice and shiny.  Watching a hot naked model with oiled up shiny ass cheeks was definitely one of Andy’s favourite pastimes.  Now that he had Nina’s ass just the way he liked it, he was definitely ready to enjoy a hot web sex session with this naked camgirl.

Andy put Nina in to all his favourite sex positions and admired her sexy nude body from all angles you could imagine.  As Nina was so horny, she had a nice orgasm and enjoyed cumming hard for Andy, and said she would love to see him again soon. If you need some good sex, then Live Jasmin camgirls are online 24/7. You can find sexy blondes, brunettes and red heads, with all sorts of body types such as big boobs, small boobs, tall, petite etc etc. Web sex with camgirls is a convenient way to have sex with hot models, so take a look at Live Jasmin and you may just find the girl of your dreams.